Wednesday, September 07, 2005

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Blogger Scoey Bako said...

Is Jonah someone you know and care about or is he merely an object, like the subjects of most of your other pictures?

Your blogs reflect a man who uses his knowledge, intelligence, and expertise to deprive as many people as possible a chance at a better life, all in the name of maximizing your personal profits.

Sure, your work requires you to pass investment advice on to other rich people, but your investment strategies are heartless and cruel. You recommend companies, not because they do work that contributes to making a better world, but because through their ruthless exploitation of workers and their senseless greed for power and domination of the economy, they provide a greater return on individual investors' stocks.

Where do you draw the line? Or do you? Would you recommend a company that enslaved children to produce snuff films if it were legal to do so and it brought a tidy profit for investors?

Would you recommend investment in a company that hired undocumented workers and locked them in their stores overnight, as prisoners to their greed?

Would you recommend a telecommunications company that sacrificed the benefits of uncensored, free exchange of ideas for the sake of big-business interests and public image?

I'd give you one out of three for the above where I think you MIGHT draw the line. But the jury still out.

To sustain any semblance of the status quo, the remaining years of the presently existing investment system will require investors to look before they leap, not just at the profits of the companies they invest in, but at the effects those companies' practices have on real human lives. There are great evils afoot in the world of global corporate ownership of the Earth and its inhabitants. This need not be so. But for the actions of those who revel in their wealth and their ability to "pick a winner" that makes so many others "losers" through their unconscienable assaults on human dignity, this world might stand a chance of keeping some of its culture and true humanity intact.

I advise you to reflect on what I've written. Don't get defensive. Just consider the impact your advice has on real human beings for a change, not just the wealthy whose power and status ride on the backs of the rest of us and may soon face the justice they so richly deserve from a world in need and in pain.

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